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We hire

Diamond Core Barrel Drill Bit

Diamond Core Barrel Drill Bit

Perth Hire offers professional and competitive
priced service

Are you looking to save money on your diamond core drills?

Worn out or damaged core barrels do not always need to be replaced.

We supply diamond core bits to re tip your core barrels. Getting your barrels re-tipped is a great way to save money on diamond drills with savings up to 50% per diamond core drill bit.

Our core bits are designed for fast, free drilling into concrete and stone. The high quality diamonds ensure excellent drill speeds. Our inverted V tips are designed and are proven to be the best for Perth, Western Australia’s concrete.

diamond core drill bit

Prices start from $15.00 + gst per diamond tip. Further discounts apply for multiple barrels.

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Before we re-tip your core barrel with a diamond core drill bit, we check the following:

Then the barrel is re-tipped, cleaned and painted ready for action.