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Concrete Equipment service and repairs

Your Expert Professionals for Concrete Equipment Services & Repairs

Perth Hire & Sales are your concrete equipment specialists for all your servicing, repairs, and maintenance needs. Our workshop based in Wangara comes equipped with everything needed to get your machinery running like new again, including our concrete equipment service specialist who has 10 years of maintenance experience. Not only does our fully equipped workshop mean we can handle any small or large scale work, it also means your equipment is in the very best of hands.

Brands We Work With

Our service technicians are experienced with the following brands:

Our concrete equipment and power tool service and repair workshop offer a quick turnaround so you can be back on the job as soon as possible.

Worker Repairing Equipment

Keep your concrete equipment in peak condition with Perth Hire & Sales professional service & repairs

Concrete Equipment Service & Repair

General Service & Repair

We offer general maintenance services for all your concrete equipment to ensure it is always running at its peak performance. If you are experiencing an operation failure with your concrete equipment, our expert technicians can get it back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Fault Finding

Have you noticed an inconsistency in the powering of your concrete equipment?Our technicians are experienced in providing fault finding services to test the operation of your concrete equipment to fix any issues and determine if it is safe to use. Their extensive knowledge in concrete equipment servicing allows them to find any problems with the wiring to ensure your equipment is powered safely.

Oil Change & Filter

When the oil of your concrete equipment is kept clean, it will run reliably. However, it is prone to dirt contaminating the oil over time and affecting the performance of your concrete equipment. We can change both the oil and filter of your concrete equipment to ensure your oil stays clean and it operates at maximum efficiency.

Fuel Filter

Inspecting and replacing your fuel filter at regular intervals decreases the chances of a contamination within your fuel lines. Our technicians can replace your fuel filter to ensure the engine of your concrete equipment can operate at peak productivity.

Spark Plugs

If you have noticed any inconsistencies in the functioning of your concrete equipment it could be caused by a faulty sparkplug. Perth Hire & Sales are equipped to replace or clean the spark plugs of your equipment as well as inspect and test it after the service to ensure it is operating efficiently.

Drive Belt Repairs

Is your engine overheating or are you struggling to steer your concrete equipment?It could be a sign your drive belt is starting to wear out and needs to be replaced. Perth Hire & Sales can replace the drivebelt of your concrete equipment to ensure it runs safely, protecting you from both serious damage and costly repairs.

Air Cleaner Service

Forgetting to check your air filters can often lead to your equipment’s engine clogging with dust, overheating, and failing to operate at an optimal power level. Our technicians offer an air filter inspection and cleaning service to eliminate any dust and debris effecting your concrete equipment, which helps to extend its lifetime performance.

Worker Repairing Equipment

Has your equipment failed & you need it working ASAP?

Why Choose PErth Hire & Sales

Flexible delivery and Pick up times

Need an early/late pick up or drop off? Contact our team and we will work with you to schedule a time for your concrete equipment and power tool service and repair.

Conveniently Located North Of The River

Perth Hire & Sales is located in Wangara and our dedicated workshop is designed to accommodate all types of concrete equipment and power tool service repairs.

Friendly Repair & Service Rate

We pride ourselves on offering you friendly and efficient service. Perth Hire & Sales provide you with specialist expertise for your equipment maintenance and power tool service repairs at an affordable rate.

Dedicated Specialist

Perth Hire & Sales have a dedicated specialist with over 10 years of concrete equipment service and repair experience, who is ready to help you with any of your equipment servicing needs.

Discounted Rates On All Our Hire Equipment During Servicing

We offer you discounted hire rates while your equipment is being serviced by Perth Hire & Sales to ensure you or your business’ work is not effected whilst your equipment is in our workshop.

Fast & Efficient Turnaround

Our extensive experience in the industry means we can offer you a fast and efficient turnaround on your concrete equipment services and repairs.


Our team is small for a reason - we believe building a strong working relationship with you comes from speaking consistently with the same knowledgeable team who know and understand your individual needs.


Our rental service provides a comprehensive range of brand new and top-of-the-line concreting gear to guarantee you will be using the most advanced and easy-to-use equipment on the market.

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